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Affirmations for Weight Control

Below you'll find some suggestions for affirmations for weight control. Use the ones that suit your situation best. For ways to use affirmations, visit our suggestions on how to use Affirmations to produce the best results.

If you prefer, you can download a complete Free list of Affirmations in PDF form.

  • My body is now trained to burn fat and increase muscle.
  • My body is the servant of my mind.
  • I am at my ideal weight and I easily maintain my ideal weight.
  • I love being physically fit and am slowly but surely approaching my ideal weight.
  • My metabolism rate is at its optimum and it helps me in maintaining/or reaching my ideal weight.
  • I love eating healthy food and it helps me maintain/or reach my ideal weight.
  • I love exercising daily and it helps me maintain/or reach my ideal weight.
  • I am a physically active person and that helps me maintain/or reach my ideal weight.
  • Every day in every way I am getting slimmer and fitter.
  • I properly chew all the food that I eat so that it gets digested properly and that helps me in maintaining/or reaching my ideal weight.
  • I breathe deeply every time so that my metabolism is at its perfect rate.
  • I love myself unconditionally.
  • Life is beautiful and I enjoy life by staying fit and maintaining my ideal weight.
  • Every physical movement that I make burns the extra fat in my body and helps me to maintain my ideal body weight.
  • Every cell in my body is healthy and fit and so am I.
  • I easily control my weight through a combination of healthy eating and exercising. 
  • I can do it.
  • Every passing second, the distance is becoming smaller and smaller.
  • My stamina goes on increasing with every step that I take.
  • Every day my biceps are growing bigger and bigger.
  • With every sit up my abs are getting sharper and sharper.
  • With every press my shoulders are getting more and more muscular.
  • Every day in every way my body is becoming more and more muscular.
  • You can devise your own affirmations on similar lines for specific body parts.
  • I have a perfect backhand shot and I hit it with ease.
  • I have a very strong serve and I place it where I wish to.
  • Return of serve is my strong point and I place the ball wherever I wish.
  • Every day in every way I am becoming fitter and healthier.
  • I enjoy my daily workouts and they make me feel energetic.
  • My metabolism has improved as a result of my exercises and I am leaner and fitter.
  • My daily exercises make me stronger and fitter.
  • Today I love my body fully, deeply and joyfully.
  • My body has its own wisdom and I trust that wisdom completely.
  • My body is simply a projection of my beliefs about myself.
  • I am growing more beautiful and luminous day by day.
  • I choose to see the divine perfection in every cell of my body.
  • As I love myself, I allow others to love me too.
  • Flaws are transformed by love and acceptance.
  • Today I choose to honor my beauty, my strength and my uniqueness.
  • I love the way I feel when I take good care of myself.
  • Today my own well-being is my top priority.
  • I am happily living at my ideal weight.
  • I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. 
  • I am achieving my weight loss goals with excitement.
  • I am the perfect weight for me 
  • I choose to make positive healthy choices for myself 
  • I choose to exercise regularly

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